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Built to last and protect your cargo, no matter the journey.

storage and
shipping containers

A shipping container with a rounded top. It has bolt downs surrounding it and anchor points for lifting. It is made of steel and painted grey. It says "reusable container do not destrop do not drop"

Our containers are built with lightweight and long-lasting materials like 6061 and 5086 plates and structural aluminum I-beams ensuring an extended life cycle.

Uncompromised protection

Storage and Shipping Containers that are grey inside of a factory.

High-quality coatings and hardware guarantee strong resistance to moisture, UV damage, rust and corrosion.

Built for the long-haul

Storage and Shipping Containers that are grey inside of a factory.


FTI specializes in constructing pressurized storage containers in a wide range of sizes and shapes with the capacity to load test up to 120,000 pounds.

Blue print of a shipping and storage container

Customize your container

Max Equipment Size:
24” Diameter x 96”L

48” W x 44” T x 108” L


Gross Weight: 2,800lbs

Payload: 2,000Lbs

Maximum Overhead lift: 800lbs

Tare Weight: 800lbs

Weight + Capacity

Fork lift pockets are located on each side and each end of the container.

Lid includes 2 lifting eyes FOR REMOVING LID ONLY.

Skid includes 4 lifting “D” rings for lifting container ONLY WHEN EMPTY.

Reinforced skid with lock down latches and gasket seals


Example Container Specs Below

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The container features adjustable stops at each end, preventing load shifting during transport, securing a customized fit for various product sizes by easily locking them in place with thumb wheel screws.

Locked and loaded

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