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Whether you're constructing warships or microbots...

About FTI

delivered worldwide

built exclusively in the U.s.A

our driving forces

  • With four decades of experience, FTI has not only grown but also expanded its facilities to meet the increasing demands of our valued customers. This continuous growth has driven us to implement advanced Quality Control, Training, and Management Systems. These systems enable us to uphold our leadership position in the manufacturing industry and ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional products and services.

  • Building and creating products is our driving force, challenging us and both impressing and pleasing our customers. We continue to prove that there is nothing that we can not build, and nothing gets us more excited than building something for the first time. The journey from receiving a drawing to delivering the final product is indescribably gratifying. We want to be challenged and win. 

  • At FTI, economic sustainability is the driving force behind our manufacturing practices. We prioritize profitability, cost-effective operations, a skilled workforce, and adaptability to market changes. Through strong partnerships, fair practices, and innovation, we contribute to the economic well-being of the industry and communities we serve. With a dedicated focus on long-term success, we aim to create a strong foundation for future generations to continue building the world’s needs.

FTI is a full scale manufacturing and fabrication operation based in San Diego, California where we design and build projects for clients across the globe. We have actively and successfully cultivated enduring partnerships with Fortune 500 companies in sectors such as the Department of Defense, Shipbuilding, Utilities, and Government Agencies. 

Our collaborative efforts extend beyond the borders of America as we forge ahead, partnering with both visionary pioneers in new product development and legacy brands alike. Together, we are crafting the future with precision.

We are creators.


Two managers stand inbetween large yellow poles inside a factory. They are wearing hardhats and discussing plans. They seem happy.

We are committed to placing the well-being of our employees and the success of our clients at the forefront of all our decisions. The happiness and wellness of our employees are integral to driving the triumph of our business. We endeavor to foster a supportive work environment where everyone can flourish and thrive.


Inside of the factory looking down at a group of workers constructing large sheet metal enclosures.

2200 Haffley Avenue

National City, CA


Main Facility


Trucks outside a storage and assembly space outside. There are large shipping containers stacked on top of each other.

1800 Tidelands

National City, CA


Storage and



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