Specialized Metals & Materials Fabrication
FTI has the unique capabilities to perform custom fabrication to the customer’s needs in any shape or size. FTI’s capabilities range from prototyping to high volume production runs.
High Performance

A cornerstone principle in which we operate brings knowledge, longevity and precision into every part and component.

FTI strives for High Performance in even the most simple of parts we build.
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Over 45 years of Experience
As an outstanding performer in the fabrication industry, FTI is sure to be a valued supplier to your operations. We are committed to excellence and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.
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Truck Platforms
• Complete chassis builds
• Components
• Electronics
• Hydraulics
Pressure Vessels
• Underwater
• Shipping & Storage
• Petroleum
....and much more


Certifications are only one filter used to benchmark a companies overall qualifications and performance. At FTI we work hard to earn and exceed standards that industry organizations set forth as their quality and safety minimums.


  • ABS
  • ASME
  • AWS
  • DNV-GL
  • NDIA
  • SME

Our Company and......

Our People

People are the backbone and pulse that give a company its vibrant energy and sustained influence in any Industry. At FTI we celebrate the contributions our employees make to each and every aspect of the products we deliver.

These are just some of the very talented smiling faces that make us a success....

As a fabricator - supplier - assembler of specialized parts and components for a broad range of industries, FTI offers many manufacturing services from the mid-chain supplier to the end customer.

  • Part and component design services
  • Primary Assembler management
  • Metals and material fabrication
  • Finish / Coating / Painting 

Located next to the docks at the Port of San Diego, FTI has been a reliable performance vendor to many diverse industry customers for over 45 years. Our geography gives us many advantages that competitors can't match:

  • Temperate conditions give us the ability to perform at full capacity year round
  • Shipping access enables economical product transport to almost anywhere worldwide.
  • Economical shipping access for domestic and foreign materials suppliers enables pricing advantages      

Health, Safety & Environmental values

Metal fabrications

Our clients, employees and partners share a common certainty about FTI: safety is our #1 priority. Health and safety are more than policies at FTI; they are the foundation of how we work in the field, at our sites, and in our offices.

In addition to benefiting our employees through reduced injuries and lost work, our commitment to safety is a leading indicator for our clients of strong performance throughout the project life cycle.

  • Our goal is zero workplace incidents.
  • We not only incorporate “best practices” into our safety culture, we create them.
  • We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners, and our surrounding communities.
  • Each one of our employees shares an obligation to prevent accidents and is expected to conduct business in a way that actively integrates the elements of the FTI Health, Safety and Environment Program into applicable aspects of our operations.
  • Immersion in our safety culture begins on the first day of employment—from ergonomics to regulatory-compliant training, from case studies to on-site assessments.
  • Our commitment to safety has garnered recognition from clients, regulators and professional organizations worldwide.


Fabrication Technologies is committed to quality and continuous improvement in all areas of the organization. Working as a team, with the involvement of employees in the continuous quality improvement process ensure that the company’s goals for quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are met.

FTI’s target for quality is to maintain and to improve the quality of products and service, in order to consistently meet customer needs as well as internal requirements.

FTI is committed to the safety of the company’s operations and, in particular, to the health and safety of employees, customers, and the public.

Under observance of the afore mentioned, customer satisfaction is the company’s main priority.

FTI wants to be our customer’s preferred supplier.

For FTI Quality control is performed at various stages. The more commonly performed checks include the following:

  • Inspection upon receipt of raw materials and parts that will be placed into production, or of finished goods that will be for resale.
  • Inspection prior to production. Normally, one unit or piece will be produced and, if it passes inspection, production run will proceed.
  • Inspection in-process. The inspections will be made at intervals during the production process.
  • Inspection after production. For many, this is considered as the final inspection and testing stage. A sample or 100% of the finished products will be inspected and tested.
  • Inspection prior to shipping. The orders placed by a customer will be inspected and will not be shipped until the final inspector has cleared them.

Industries That Power Us

Rugged, long lasting and precision are the primary criteria when manufacturing for the DOD. Equipment that's bullet proof (sorry for the pun) is what the DOD demands. With decades of DOD experience FTI continues to be a parts and component supplier.
All Branches
Whether you're searching for energy or refining it, FTI has built a large portfolio on the numerous parts and components we manufacture. Large and small, complex and mundane - our customers rely on these items everyday to get their products to market.
Oil & Gas
Exploration & Refining
FTI customers are looking for an almost full turnkey product when developing any type of truck platform. At FTI we not only fabricate the components but we can manage and perform the entire assembly - including the electronics, hydraulics, consignments and testing.
Truck Platforms
Chassis, Hydraulics and Electronics



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